Utility and Stripes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

** Photos by The Wonderland Group**
Jacket: Forever 21
Top: Nordstom
Glasses: Ray Ban (I got mine in Thailand so they are fakies!)

A trip to the puppy park! My sweet little Laila just loves when we take her to the park to run around. She makes so many friends and always comes home super pooped out :) 

This outfit is one of my favs for running errands or going to the park..... It is so cas and comfy. And for some reason, I feel like i can take on the world and do so much  whenever I slip my All-Stars on. My college roomie and I loved doing "alter-ego sneaker" nights haha! We would wear tennis shoes and literally run around, skip and jump all over the place! We were weird.... :) but it was so fun!

Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far.... its almost the weekend!! Yay!! I'm hoping we get around to putting up our Christmas lights this weekend. I wen to town on the inside of our house earlier this week.... a Christmas bomb might have gone off in our house! 


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