Carry-On Essentials

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today has been spent preparing for our trip back to Seattle for the holidays. I've got lists going all around the house...... take this down, put that away, clean that up, pack that and so on and so on. I love list, haha, yes I'm that weirdo!

So WTH to pack in your carry-on!? Here are my carry-on essentials to help make the crowded flight a little more enjoyable:

  • Laptop... on the plane is a perfect time to get caught up on writing some blog posts!
  • iPhone.... to play games after I make it through all the gossip mags, which usually only takes 10 mins :)
  • Socks.... to keep those tootsies warm and cozy! Plus, how rad are these Stance socks!?
  • Headphones.... so you can listen to music or the movie if the flights long enough
  • Passport.... We are taking a little trip up to Canada while up in Seattle. SOOO EXCITED!!!
  • GoPro..... I love recording vacations with this camera. Its so fun to have little highlight videos to look back on.
  • eos & Facial Hydrating Mist.... I never leave the house without my handy ball of chapstick.
  • And of course, my super cute travel bag!! [similar here]
Well, I better get to checkin' things off my list! So much to do, so little time.... ugh [insert big sigh] and Christmas is only a few days away!!! 

Ok, I'm out....

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