Pineapple Bikini

Thursday, December 26, 2013

** Photos by The Wonderland Group**

Swimsuit: Tavik Swimwear
Shirt: F21 (old)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The hubby and I are here in Seattle for tyne holidays visiting his fam. Its been an awesome vacay so far! I'm really hoping to get some good shopping in the next few days.... gotta check out all those after Christmas sales right!?

Anyways, this shot was from last month in Ka'uai. And since I'm freezing my booty off here in Seattle......[it was like 30-something on Christmas here, while back home my fam said it was 80! So 30-something is pretty damn cold for my California blood haha].....I thought I would heat things up a bit with a tropical post!

This bikini is AWESOME! Its made by Tavik, a super cool brand that started right in Orange County. They have some really killer suits and the guys stuff is way cool too. I love the print and cut of this suit.... it has a great bottom fit. I am a big fan of a slightly smaller bottom cut showing a hint of booty but not too small that you can see it all..... gotta leave a bit to the imagination right!? But I think showing a little more skin can be a good thing, done the right way of course!

Umm, and how bad-a$$ does the pineapple look!? Oh I just love it..... but I always love me some pineapple :) After the shoot, we sliced it up, put some brown sugar and butter on it, and threw it on the grill... Heaven in your mouth, let me tell ya! Yu-mmy! And that backdrop..... STUNNING!

Ok, I'm off to check out some sales and spend some more time with family!!


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