A Sporty Side

Friday, June 27, 2014

Top: Forever 21 // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Converse // 
Visor: Forever 21

*Photos by The Wonderland Group*

I like to change things up from day to day with my looks. One day I might wake up feeling super girlie, another I might be feeling all black (more and more these days.... I can't get enough black!). This look is one from a day that I woke up feeling casual and sporty!

And what says casual/sporty more than sweatshorts, and high top cons!? 

Umm and can we just take a minute to talk about this visor!? I die.... I am just in love with it and Im sure you will be seeing more of it in future posts from me. :) The visor plus high tops (which, sneakers in general make me hyper when I wear them.... I just want to run around and jump all over the place, weird I know!) make for a perfect sporty feel but adding in some floral in the tank gives it a little fashion edge.


Lace Lovin'

Monday, June 23, 2014

Top: Windsor // Shorts: Forever 21 // Hat: Irene's Story

*Photos by The Wonderland Group*

Remember back when I posted this top on my "Real vs. Steal"

Well I thought I would share it in action. I wore this look to go wine tasting in Mexico. It was perfect for the warm weather... so light and breezy but so sweet  and fem looking also, just paired with some simple boyfriend shorts, sandals and a fun panama hat (seriously been living in this hat since I bought it!). 

I'm also loving pairing this top with boyfriend jeans or a black maxi skirt. It looks like a million bucks, but without the sting of the million buck price tag!


Jump-suit up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 (also loving this one and this one) // Hat: Irene's Story (sold out, similar here )

Jumpsuits, rompers..... They are a great addition to any well rounded wardrobe. They are playful and fun. That being said, I do have a hard time finding jumpsuits that fit well (being 5'10 I guess I longer torso on top to long legs). So I jump on it when I fond one that fits well... not too short or pulling in the front ( I think you know what I mean, right!? Yikes). I am currently on the search for a classic black jumpsuit (long) that can be worn casual with my new gold birks or also dressed up with heels and some awesome jewelry. Stay tuned to see what I find!


Real vs. Steal: Young, Fabulous and Broke

Monday, June 9, 2014

I love a good maxi dress. They are just so easy but still have a polished, put together look. Wear them to the beach, to dinner, even a springtime wedding.

I have been eyeing  this ombre maxi from Young, Fabulous and Broke and since I am well, young fabulous (?) and broke, I couldn't get myself to pay the 200 plus bucks for it. You guys know there's nothing I love more than a good bargain!

So, as usual, I began hunting for a similar dress with a much more budget friendly price tag.

Enter SWELL.COM..... $39.50 for almost the identical dress. Done and Done!

I'm seriously addicted to the hunt.... I find a deal and immediately start thinking of what else I can find for a bargain! I just can't stop.....


Sunscreen, Your New Best Friend!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ok, so today I'm going to share something that's a bit embarrassing....

Don't judge.... ok maybe judge a little cause I kinda deserve it...

Let me start by saying I grew up in Southern California... so I've been to the beach a time or 2, used to being in the sun, right!?

Well I thought so too until last weekend. (cue dramatic music!)

My husband and I went to the beach with some friends for the day..... perfect beach day. Sun shining, water packed with kids and surfers... amazing.

Until I got home and looked in the mirror only to see a lobster looking back at me. I got so incredibly sun burned, its not even funny.

Well didn't you put sunscreen on, one might ask. Oh yea, I sure did. However, the sunscreen I grabbed had probably been sitting in my cabinet for a long time.... we have this random collection of half empty sunscreens ranging from all SPF's that have ended up at our house some way or another. Anyways my point being, yes I put sunscreen on ( go me!) but made the HUGE mistake of not looking at the expiration or reapplying as much as I should have. Yea, that's right, sunscreen expires and one application is not going to cut it for the whole day! 

The up side? I was wearing a hat (a beach must in my opinion) and a solid slather of sunscreen on my face so it was spared from this disaster! Thank goodness... Can you imagine the damage that kind of UV exposure would do to your face!? Holy wrinkles at 28.

So after this painful experience, I thought I would share a few common sunscreen "mistakes" you might be making.

  • You have been using the same bottle for the last 3 summers. I touched on this before but expiration does matter when it comes to your sunscreen. The longer it sits, the more time the active ingredient has to deteriorate, which makes the protection you think you are getting less and less effective. Also, how you store it matters. Shoving it in your glove compartment or leaving it in your hot car can dull the effectiveness. While it may seem convenient to have it in your car at all times, the high temperatures may be messing with your coverage.
  • You only use a small dab. This is probably something most everyone is guilty of at some point. Make sure you are using enough to evenly cover your entire body. Simple as that.
  • You put your sunscreen on at the beginning of the day, but then forget to do it again. A general rule for re-applying is every 2 hours if your in the sun. That time can be cut down if swimming and/or sweating. So be sure to reapply more often if swimming or sweating, giving the sunscreen several minutes to soak in before going back into the water. 
  • You count on the word "waterproof" when swimming.  So really, there is no such thing as a "waterproof" sunscreen. Its actually water resistant.... for up to 40 to 80 minutes. After that, REAPPLY!
  • The higher the SPF, the longer the wear and higher the coverage. So you think SPF 60 will be twice as protective and last twice as long? Not so much. Experts recommend an SPF of at least 30. When applied correctly, 30 will block about 96% of UVB rays. From there, the higher the SPF, the blocked rays percentage only goes up very slightly. It won't change the amount of time between when you will need to reapply. 
  • The SPF in your makeup is enough. A lot of women think, "Awesome, my foundation has SPF in it, I'm all set!". Not the case ladies, Think about the amount of foundation you apply compared to the amount of sunscreen you would slather on your face. Chances are, those 2 amounts are very different. Plus makeup tends to wear off throughout the day so putting on an extra layer of actual sunscreen on before the rest of your makeup is always a good idea!
So, enjoy the sun but be smart about it. You want to take care of that beautiful skin of yours right? I mean who wants to look like the lady from Something about Mary!?


Rainbow Bright

Monday, June 2, 2014

Bikini: Beach Riot (found here) // Pants: Becca Swimwear // Hat: Irene's Story, sold out (similar here and here) // Sunnies: Oakley

Last week, Evan and I took a little vacay down to Ensanada, Mexico to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. It was such a great, easy trip! Beautiful weather, yummy food, and delicious drinks. One of my fav things we did, besides eat a lot of super delish Mexican food, was go to wine country! Yea, wine country in Mexico..... and let me tell ya, it was fantastic. So I guess in the past 10 years, these wineries have been popping up about 20 mins outside of Ensanada, in a place called Valle De Guadeloupe. It really felt like we we were in Napa or something...... it was just winery after beautiful winery with such great wines!

Anyways, back to the post at hand. 

This bikini..... to die! I'm obsessed, like major.... its so playful and totally has a Palm Springs sassy vibe. (Umm and its on maj sale right now at Urban Outfitters)

And I love me some panama hat.... perfect for summer, wear it with shorts and a tank, a cute dress, or even just your sexy bikini at the beach or pool. Keeps your face perfectly shaded ( and I'm not saying don't wear sunscreen still, cause its a beauty must!) while looking super on trend and cute.