NYE: What To Wear

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sitting there wondering "WTF am I going to wear this New Years Eve"!? Well wonder no longer..... Here is my guide to looking stunning all night long, no matter what type of party you are going to! 

So party on you sexy thing you! ;)

1. Classic Chic: Keep it classic with a long black dress. The high slit and plunging neck line on this dress from Windsor, give it some added sexiness. Keep the accessories simple and rock your way to midnight!

2. Metallic Mama: You can never have enough metallic on NYE! This super fun dress from Nordstrom (TopShop) is playful with fantastic metallic color and flirty shape. Throw on some stripy heels and your set for a fun, flirty night out.

3. Wow in White: Sizzle the night away in all white. This stunner from Lulu's is the perfect way to wow everyone when you walk into that party. The color will pop and the cut outs will be sure to catch a few eyes. If you're feeling extra frisky, try wearing a faux fur leopard jacket!

4. Pretty in Pink: Feeling girlie and playful this NYE? Then this dress is the one for you! From Urban Outfitters, this dress screams playful. I just LOVE this ballerina dress!

5. Sequins Queen: So what if your heading to a party that's a little more casual than a cocktail dress? Rocking these sequin track pants from Nordstrom is the way to go! Pair them with a simple black tank or sweater and some black pointed toe pumps. 

6. Golden Girl: When all else fails, a gold sequin dress is perfect for a night on the town. You will sure to be the golden goddess shining bright at midnight in this dress from Lulu's



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cozy movie night with Spiced Cider

Santa was being a bit naughty ;)
Starting our Santa pic tradition.... complete with ugly sweaters and all!

Moscow Mule (with hibiscus!) and a Mango Dark 'n Stormy from Rachels Ginger Beer in Seattle. They make the most amazing flavored ginger beers AND they ship nationwide!!!! :) Can't wait to order some when we get home.

Sharing some randomness from my camera roll with you all today. We are off to do some shopping and take a brewery tour of my husbands favorite beer, Mac & Jacks. Happy saturday everyone!


Pineapple Bikini

Thursday, December 26, 2013

** Photos by The Wonderland Group**

Swimsuit: Tavik Swimwear
Shirt: F21 (old)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The hubby and I are here in Seattle for tyne holidays visiting his fam. Its been an awesome vacay so far! I'm really hoping to get some good shopping in the next few days.... gotta check out all those after Christmas sales right!?

Anyways, this shot was from last month in Ka'uai. And since I'm freezing my booty off here in Seattle......[it was like 30-something on Christmas here, while back home my fam said it was 80! So 30-something is pretty damn cold for my California blood haha].....I thought I would heat things up a bit with a tropical post!

This bikini is AWESOME! Its made by Tavik, a super cool brand that started right in Orange County. They have some really killer suits and the guys stuff is way cool too. I love the print and cut of this suit.... it has a great bottom fit. I am a big fan of a slightly smaller bottom cut showing a hint of booty but not too small that you can see it all..... gotta leave a bit to the imagination right!? But I think showing a little more skin can be a good thing, done the right way of course!

Umm, and how bad-a$$ does the pineapple look!? Oh I just love it..... but I always love me some pineapple :) After the shoot, we sliced it up, put some brown sugar and butter on it, and threw it on the grill... Heaven in your mouth, let me tell ya! Yu-mmy! And that backdrop..... STUNNING!

Ok, I'm off to check out some sales and spend some more time with family!!


Carry-On Essentials

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today has been spent preparing for our trip back to Seattle for the holidays. I've got lists going all around the house...... take this down, put that away, clean that up, pack that and so on and so on. I love list, haha, yes I'm that weirdo!

So WTH to pack in your carry-on!? Here are my carry-on essentials to help make the crowded flight a little more enjoyable:

  • Laptop... on the plane is a perfect time to get caught up on writing some blog posts!
  • iPhone.... to play games after I make it through all the gossip mags, which usually only takes 10 mins :)
  • Socks.... to keep those tootsies warm and cozy! Plus, how rad are these Stance socks!?
  • Headphones.... so you can listen to music or the movie if the flights long enough
  • Passport.... We are taking a little trip up to Canada while up in Seattle. SOOO EXCITED!!!
  • GoPro..... I love recording vacations with this camera. Its so fun to have little highlight videos to look back on.
  • eos & Facial Hydrating Mist.... I never leave the house without my handy ball of chapstick.
  • And of course, my super cute travel bag!! [similar here]
Well, I better get to checkin' things off my list! So much to do, so little time.... ugh [insert big sigh] and Christmas is only a few days away!!! 

Ok, I'm out....

A Few of My Favorite Holiday Movies

Monday, December 16, 2013

It's time to snuggle on the couch in cozy PJs with a hot spiced cider in hand watching Christmas movies. I mean really, is there anything better!? I think not, but I'm a sucker for Christmas time AND snuggling sooo..... :)

Anyways, I thought I would share a few of the must-watch holiday movies in our house. Here we go....

A Christmas Story
The Santa Clause


4 Christmases

It's a Wonderful Life

Home Alone

The Holiday

Christmas Vacation

Love Actually

White Christmas

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far!

What are your fav holiday movies? I'd love to hear!


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Facts

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

After watching the [yet again] AH-MAZING Victoria's Secret fashion show last night, I definitely felt the need to step my game in the work out department! That being said, it's one of my fav nights of the year cause I just love seeing all the incredible wings, shoes, hair, make-up, and of course THINSPIRATION!

Here are a few interesting facts about this sexy show:

  • Twenty-eight pairs of wings were created to be worn on the runway [I wish I could wear wings sometimes]
  • The Victoria's Secret Angels will walk on 100 feet of glittery runway
  • The average Angel height is five feet 10 inches tall [Yea baby, that's my height!!]
  • In total, 67 costumes will be sent down the runway 
  • Twenty-six makeup artists, 22 hair stylists, and eight manicurists will turn 40 supermodels into Victoria's Secret Angels 
  • The average heel height of the models’ Nicholas Kirkwood shoes is six inches [Holy heels!]          

[Dream Catcher Wings!!! I die.....]

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about the Angels fav fitness routines to get those killer bods!