Life is Beautiful Festival

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 1 Outfit:

Dress: Lulus
Booties: Lulus, similar here
Hat: Forever 21

Llamas stay for free!


Day 2 Outfit:

Dress: Forever 21, similar here
Kimono Shawl: Urban Outfitters
Booties: Lulus

The captain is in!

This past weekend, my husband and I went to the Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas. It was so incredibly fun!! It was totally different from a typical vegas trip...... we didn't even go to the strip at all. The festival was all in downtown, which is being totally revamped. It was a really fun and interesting festival cause it had the music (awesome line-up!), but it also had a whole section that was about food, and other parts with art/learning.

Some of the bands that we saw were The Killers, Kings of Leon, Allen Stone, Passion Pit, Beck, Vampire Weekend, Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Youngblood Hawke, and so many more. All were amazing but I especially loved Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and Allen Stone. Imagine Dragons had an incredible finale with their song Radioactive complete with cirque de sole style dancers/performers! It was beyond fun getting to see all the different bands!

For the food, they had a whole culinary village set up with tons for different restaurants that had booths featuring some of their food and drinks. They were smaller portions and nothing over $10 so you were able to try a bunch for different foods and places. They also had several chefs that came and spoke. They also had a beer garden with a zillion different beers and also a whole wine section too. In addition to the culinary village, there was a food truck alley with a handful of food trucks offering delicious bites.

All around the festival there were different art installations as well.... very cool to walk around and look at in between bands. 

Over all, it was a fantastic weekend.... who knew downtown vegas would be so awesome!? I can't wait to go back next year and see what other improvements they have made by then! One thing that we learned was regarding where to stay.... we didn't book hotel until last minute so all the hotels in downtown were either booked or crazy expensive. So we ended up staying at the LVH, Las Vegas Hilton near the Stratosphere. Next year, we will be booking much earlier and staying downtown somewhere.... that way its easier to go back to the hotel for a mid day break and change your clothes in the evening if the temps drop. Our hotel was about 2 miles away from the venue so it was just too far to walk (trust me, we made the walk on night bueno for our feet!) leaving us to get a cab if we needed to get back to the hotel, not so convenient. But now we know and can make the adjustment to make next even better! :)


Revlon Favs

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy friday everyone!! What are the plans for the weekend? My hubby and I are headed to vegas tomorrow for the Life is Beautiful music and food festival. Can't wait to listen to some awesome bands and taste some amazing food and drinks from all the featured chefs that will be there.

I stopped by CVS to grab a few things this afternoon, and came across this awesome new nail polish that I had to try! Its the Revlon Scented Nail Enamel and its so cool! I wasn't sure about it cause I was thinking 'how can a nail polish, which usually smells so yucky, smell like (in my case) Wild Violets!?'. But let me tell you, it totally smells like violets once its dry! Pretty cool :) They have several colors/scents to choose from also. 

Another Revlon purchase that I'm loving is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. These are perfect for me cause my lips have NO color to begin with so I always have to wear something but then they are always super dry as well! This  balm solves both problems….. it keeps my lips "kissable" ;) with the balm but the color stays for a super long time with the stain. Its amazing! I bought it in 3 different colors…. Romantic (red), Sweetheart (in the photos above), and Lovesick (another shade of pink). 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!


Fiesta Engagement Party

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's not a fiesta without mini sombrero hats!!

Yum!! (Thanks Krista for making these tasty treats!)

Niki <3 Ross

My amazing family!!
** Photography by The Wonderland Group's Evan Burgher (aka my hubby!)**

This past weekend, my dad and step-mom hosted an engagement bash for my sister and her fiancĂ©. Being the party decoration lover that I am (plus thinking I'm part Martha Stewart), I volunteered to help with decorations and planning. It was a fiesta theme, so I went to town making lots of fiesta inspired props. We made tons of tissue flowers that we hung from the lights in the backyard and also used as part of the centerpieces. 

I also made colorful, painted corona bottles to place on the tables and throughout the house. To make the bottles I started by putting my dad to work; I had him collect empty bottle for me (he is a corona lover!). Once I had enough, I put them in the dishwasher to give them a good cleaning. While they were drying, I mixed each paint color with a tiny bit of water to make it easier to roll in the bottle. Next, I poured some paint into the bottle and slowly rolled and tapped the bottle around to coat the entire inside. When it was completely coated, I poured the extra paint out and left them out to dry overnight. They turned out great! We placed them around the tables, and even put some of the tissue flowers in them. 

The entry table was my masterpiece! :) I had so much fun designing this, it was crazy. I bought mini margarita glasses, filled them with salsa and topped them off with a chip to dip. I lined them up on the table for guests to grab as they walked into the party. Next to the chips 'n dip, I placed a framed photo (I put photos of the couple around all the tables in the centerpieces and at the food buffet/bar tables too) of the happy couple, along with "N" and "R" letters. For the backdrop of the table, I made colorful pinwheels and polka dots to hang on the wall. Tissue tassels were strung along the edge of the table to complete the look. I was thrilled with the final product! So cute and fun :)

The party was a blast and I couldn't be happier for the beautiful couple! It was a great night to celebrate the love they have and to kick off the next year of wedding activities. Plus, I got asked to be a bridesmaid!!!! YAY! Soooo excited.



Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking the ferry under the Brooklyn Bridge

I was really excited for my pizza!

9/11 Memorial site

I loved this comfy, casual outfit I wore for our first day of exploring the city. It was easy yet stylish and on trend (with the plaid and booties). New York is on another level with fashion.... Everyone is dressed to the nines ALL the time!

Birthday dinner with my love!

Amazing mix of friends..... from CA to NY.

Grand Central


My handsome hubby at the Top of the Rock!

(Sorry for the picture overload :)!!) For my birthday this year, my husband decided to take me to New York. It was such an amazing trip filled with great food, even better friends, and lots of exploring. 

We stayed at our friends place in Williamsburg, so one of the days we took the East River Ferry to the city, going under the Brooklyn bridge. Once in the city, I had a craving for some good 'ole New York pizza. While looking for a place to eat, we stumbled upon this cobblestone street that was all blocked off with picnic benches covering the whole thing. It looked like a beer garden type thing but it was all restaurants.... like a big food festival where you could sit at the benches outside each place and order your food. We found a pizza place and decided to try it and I'm so glad we did cause it was AMAZING! Its actually kinda gross how much of that big pizza my husband and I ate, but we couldn't help ourselves....It was just too delicious to stop!

After we stuffed ourselves, we walked to the 9/11 memorial site. We went through the museum, a very emotional experience! Then after, we walked across the street to the new memorial site where the old buildings used to stand. The giant "freedom tower" is incredible! It is such a massive, beautiful building! And the pools were so amazing to see as well. There are 2 of them that sit in the exact spots where the World Trade Center building previously stood. The whole area is so beautiful! It was an amazing and very moving site to see.

One of the nights, we had a big group of friends get together and go to a birthday dinner with us. It was such a random mix of people but it was so much fun! We had friends from NY and CA.... from high school and Oakley (where Evan and I both used to work). We started the night with drinks at this really cool speak easy type place called Beauty and Essex. The place was so cool....and for any ladies that make their way there, you have to make a stop in the bathrooms! Sounds weird, but totally worth it.... They serve you pink champagne! Plus its just a really cool looking bathroom, no surprise when you see the whole place though. Then we made our way to dinner at yet another really cool place, Freeman's. Its totally off the beaten path, down this ally but once you step inside, its this amazing place with great drinks and awesome food!

On our last day, Evan and I took to the city for some more exploring. We went to Grand Central, watched some of the big Columbus day parade, and walked around Central Park. We stopped by Magnolias to get a birthday cupcake (OMG! they are soooo delicious!!) and ate them at Rockefeller Center. After, we went to the "Top of the Rock" to see the stunning views in all directions. It was truly an amazing place to see the entire city from above. 

NYC is such an amazing city with way too many delicious places to get food. I cant even begin to tell you all about the many places we went to eat and get drinks. Our friends definitely know the hot spots and where to go! I cant wait to go back and see even more of this amazing city.


Fall Hair Trend: Undone Texture

Monday, October 7, 2013

This effortlessly gorgeous look is a must try this fall. Slightly straight, slightly wavy but the perfect go-to. If you have straighter hair, try scrunching in a salt spray for some boost of texture. For that sexy beachy look, wrap hair around a large curling iron switching up the direction of curls to keep the wave pattern relaxed. Leave the ends semi-straight for a carefree feel. The best part about this look? You can pull it off with any length hair....short, medium, or long! Try it for a glam night out or just a casual day running errands.


Fall Hair Trend: Low Ponytails

Tuesday, October 1, 2013






Low ponytails are a fun way to take a sporty classic and turn it into a sophisticated fall look. Make this look ultra glam and sexy by creating a precise middle part and tons of shine. Flirt a little by letting shorter pieces fall freely around your face. Dress it up with a tight and smooth, polished pony. Let your free spirit fly (you know I love this!) with a loose side braid pulled back at the nape of the neck. Add a flower for an extra kick of boho! Try 'em all and mix it with this fun fall trend.