DIY: Coasters

Thursday, April 16, 2015

This DIY I'm sharing today is super fun and super easy!

 I have been on a serious indigo kick these days. I love the way it contrasts so dramatically with white for a fun pop of color. 

So grab a cold one and enjoy!


Gypsy, Part 1

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The countdown to Coachella has officially started. And that means festival fashion is out in full force! Now I don't go to Coachella.... I'm much more of a stagecoach kinda girl!.... but that's not to say I don't love love love the fashion that surrounds the infamous music festival.

Give me some crochet, fringe and boho and oh man, I am in my element. I feel as free as a bird (see what I did there!? easy cheesy, i know).

I can't seem to pry myself off pinterest and other fellow bloggers pages this time of year, looking at all the major inspiration that people come up with. Its incredible and I get so inspired myself..... not so good for my wallet, but oh well! ;) My husband really starts to question me when packages are getting delivered on the daily but hazard of the trade right!? When you're married to a (self admitted) fashion junkie, shit happens... sorry babe! I get inspired, so I shop.... then that inspiration leads to another, and another, and another.... you see where this is going.

I look forward to instagram being flooded with Coachella fashion.

Anyone going?? What are you planning to wear?