Vacation Style

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bathing suit: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Boca Leche
Hat: Forever 21

I LOVE these Boca Leche pants! They are so comfy and cute.... they are also long which is awesome for me (I'm 5'10) since its hard to find pants that are long enough usually. The bright colors are perfect for a tropical beach vacation or even to brighten up a casual weekend day. 

Bathing suit: Asos
How fun it this high waisted bikini!? The color is much brighter in person that it looks online..... so fun! 

Bathing suit: Oakley
Cover-up: H&M
This cover-up was such a fabulous find..... not only cause it's so cute, but it was also only $10!! Talk about a steal! :) I love the neckline and the low back. It is hard to tell in the pictures but it's pretty sheer so it shows your bikini giving it a bit of a sexy feel.

Tank: H&M
Shorts: Zara
You can't go wrong with a cute tank and denim shorts..... simple yet fun and cute!

These are just a few looks from our recent vacation to Mexico. I know I've already posted several things about our trip so I won't keep going on about it..... just wanted to share some vacation fashions and great finds!

On another note, my husband left early this morning for a work trip in Colorado and when I got up to get dressed, I opened my dresser drawer and found a sweet note saying "I miss you constantly"..... I just had to gush for a second about how amazing and sweet my husband is!! :) I love that man more than anything and am so happy to be his wife. 


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