Wedding Flowers

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

While planning my wedding, I'm having to start thinking about flowers. There are SOOO many beautiful options to choose from! As I've been looking all over Pinterest and flipping through bridal mags, I've fallen in love with a particular flower, the Peony. It is a beautiful, full, sweet looking flower that has several amazing color variations. So I looked  into more info on this gorgeous bloom that I've fallen in total love with. I found out that the season for Peonies is late spring, early summer (which actually works with my wedding being late spring). They can, however, be on the pricier side.

Pink Peony Bouquet

Because I was a little bit concerned that the Peony might be too expensive, I kept looking around for another option. That's when I found Cabbage Roses! They look almost identical to Peonies, are available pretty much year round, and are much less costly. AMAZING!

Cabbage Roses

Now I have an idea of what style I want and it's time to set up meetings with florists in the area.
So much to cover but I'm loving every minute of it and having a blast!



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