DIY Save the Dates

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My fiance and I are currently planning our wedding for this coming spring. It came time to send out our save the dates and I came up with this fantastic DIY project. First, my incredibly talented Fiance designed a custom magnet to send out as the actual save the date. We had them printed at Magnet Street and they were delivered to our house in about 7-10 days after approving a digital proof. We were super excited and extremely pleased with how they turned out!

Then we needed to figure out how we wanted to package and mail them since they were an awkward size and didn't fit normally in a regular envelope. So we decided to make a trip to Michaels and see what we could find. Here is a step by step of how we made our Save the Dates.

1. Pack of 25 Cards and Envelopes $4.99/pack   2. Photo Corners Stickers (we used gold) $3.99/pack 
3.Stamps, Heart $3.99, Words $9.99, Bride and Groom $4.99   4. Our custom magnet from Magnet Street
5. Stamp ink pads, Pink $4.99, Black $2.99, Gold $8.99

Step 1
For the first step, you will need to put the photo corner stickers on 2 opposite corners (Ex. Top left corner and bottom right corner  or vice-versa). I found these little stickers to be a bit tricky since our magnet was much thicker that a regular photo so I left the stickers on the sheet as I placed the corner of the magnet in place. Then, once the corner is on there, peel the sticker off the sheet. Repeat on other corner.

Step 2
Now, once you have placed the photo corner stickers on both (or all if you want) corners of the magnet or photo, you are ready to place it in the card.

Step 3
Next, it's time to customize to front of the card with the stamps you picked out. We chose to go with 3 different stamps- A heart, a bride and groom, and one with words saying "Seemed like a good idea at the time". Decide where you want to place each stamp (it can be the same formula on each one or they can all be different, your choice!). Then stamp away! 
Finished Product!!
Ta-Da!! Now you have your finished save the date that has your own personal touches!
Let the stamps dry and you're ready to start putting them in envelopes.
Time to get to addressing your beautiful creation and mail them out!


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