Super Bowl Champs: Seahawks!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Girls, girls girls!

Beast Mode cupcakes with Skittles, of course!
 And cute football strawberries!

Let me start off by saying, SEAHAWKS BABY!!! (Sorry to any Bronco fans that are reading this)

Clearly yesterday was a big day for my husband and I with his Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl..... AND WINNING! We went to our friends house for a fun party complete with a taco guy and all! It was so great, lots of fun food, drinks, and best of all, friends :) (aww cheesy, I know!)

Evan and I got all decked out in our Seahawks gear. I even made cupcakes with blue and green frosting, topped with Skittles in honor of Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch. We were totally stoked that the Seahawks killed it, but I have to say, I was hoping for a bit more of a game.... instead of such a blow out. One of my fav status updates I saw on Facebook, "So, the Broncos knew the Super Bowl was today right!?" Haha sorry but that's pretty funny given that game!

Oh and get this, my husband is on such a high from the win that he made a game time decision this morning to buy flights for us to go back home to Seattle tomorrow just so we can be there for the big parade in the city on Wednesday! I love him, haha..... can't wait to be there to celebrate with family and the whole crazy city! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!


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