Strategies to being a Smarter Shopper

Monday, February 17, 2014

If you guys are anything like me, you possibly have a shopping problem... a little bit, maybe!? :) My answer is for sure yes.... Hi, my name is Kara and I have a shopping problem.....but I do have to say, that over the years I have become a much smarter shopper.

Here are a few tips/strategies for becoming a smarter shopper.

+ Assess your current closet. Try organizing your closet into categories (Tops, Bottoms, Skirts, Dresses, Etc.). Take it another step further and organize those categories by color. This way you will be able to  see clearly what you have and if you have any holes/needs to fill before you shop.

+ Be Creative. Take to Pinterest or fashion blogs for street style photos. Looking at these photos, think about your closet (thats nicely organized now, right!?) and what pieces you already own that you can re-work to create fresh new looks. You might be surprised at the different looks you can come up with using what you already have, only needing to purchase a small detail like an accessory  possibly.

+ Use your $$ wisely. Try not to use more than 20-25% of your budget on trendy piece that may only get worn a  handful of times. Instead, use the bulky of your cash on basic or go-to pieces and mix in the trendy. An example, spend  more on a pair of well-fitting jeans that will last a long time and try the cheaper stores for that outrageous, bright colored statement necklace.

+ Style your buy. Resist that urge to rip off the tags of your new purchase right away. Take some time to style out your buy with your existing closet. If you can't make at least 3 great looks, then maybe it wasn't the right purchase for you. Just a thought!

Hopefully these few tips help you create the best , most useful closet for you and your budget! 

Happy shopping!


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