Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking the ferry under the Brooklyn Bridge

I was really excited for my pizza!

9/11 Memorial site

I loved this comfy, casual outfit I wore for our first day of exploring the city. It was easy yet stylish and on trend (with the plaid and booties). New York is on another level with fashion.... Everyone is dressed to the nines ALL the time!

Birthday dinner with my love!

Amazing mix of friends..... from CA to NY.

Grand Central


My handsome hubby at the Top of the Rock!

(Sorry for the picture overload :)!!) For my birthday this year, my husband decided to take me to New York. It was such an amazing trip filled with great food, even better friends, and lots of exploring. 

We stayed at our friends place in Williamsburg, so one of the days we took the East River Ferry to the city, going under the Brooklyn bridge. Once in the city, I had a craving for some good 'ole New York pizza. While looking for a place to eat, we stumbled upon this cobblestone street that was all blocked off with picnic benches covering the whole thing. It looked like a beer garden type thing but it was all restaurants.... like a big food festival where you could sit at the benches outside each place and order your food. We found a pizza place and decided to try it and I'm so glad we did cause it was AMAZING! Its actually kinda gross how much of that big pizza my husband and I ate, but we couldn't help ourselves....It was just too delicious to stop!

After we stuffed ourselves, we walked to the 9/11 memorial site. We went through the museum, a very emotional experience! Then after, we walked across the street to the new memorial site where the old buildings used to stand. The giant "freedom tower" is incredible! It is such a massive, beautiful building! And the pools were so amazing to see as well. There are 2 of them that sit in the exact spots where the World Trade Center building previously stood. The whole area is so beautiful! It was an amazing and very moving site to see.

One of the nights, we had a big group of friends get together and go to a birthday dinner with us. It was such a random mix of people but it was so much fun! We had friends from NY and CA.... from high school and Oakley (where Evan and I both used to work). We started the night with drinks at this really cool speak easy type place called Beauty and Essex. The place was so cool....and for any ladies that make their way there, you have to make a stop in the bathrooms! Sounds weird, but totally worth it.... They serve you pink champagne! Plus its just a really cool looking bathroom, no surprise when you see the whole place though. Then we made our way to dinner at yet another really cool place, Freeman's. Its totally off the beaten path, down this ally but once you step inside, its this amazing place with great drinks and awesome food!

On our last day, Evan and I took to the city for some more exploring. We went to Grand Central, watched some of the big Columbus day parade, and walked around Central Park. We stopped by Magnolias to get a birthday cupcake (OMG! they are soooo delicious!!) and ate them at Rockefeller Center. After, we went to the "Top of the Rock" to see the stunning views in all directions. It was truly an amazing place to see the entire city from above. 

NYC is such an amazing city with way too many delicious places to get food. I cant even begin to tell you all about the many places we went to eat and get drinks. Our friends definitely know the hot spots and where to go! I cant wait to go back and see even more of this amazing city.


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