Fiesta Engagement Party

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's not a fiesta without mini sombrero hats!!

Yum!! (Thanks Krista for making these tasty treats!)

Niki <3 Ross

My amazing family!!
** Photography by The Wonderland Group's Evan Burgher (aka my hubby!)**

This past weekend, my dad and step-mom hosted an engagement bash for my sister and her fiancĂ©. Being the party decoration lover that I am (plus thinking I'm part Martha Stewart), I volunteered to help with decorations and planning. It was a fiesta theme, so I went to town making lots of fiesta inspired props. We made tons of tissue flowers that we hung from the lights in the backyard and also used as part of the centerpieces. 

I also made colorful, painted corona bottles to place on the tables and throughout the house. To make the bottles I started by putting my dad to work; I had him collect empty bottle for me (he is a corona lover!). Once I had enough, I put them in the dishwasher to give them a good cleaning. While they were drying, I mixed each paint color with a tiny bit of water to make it easier to roll in the bottle. Next, I poured some paint into the bottle and slowly rolled and tapped the bottle around to coat the entire inside. When it was completely coated, I poured the extra paint out and left them out to dry overnight. They turned out great! We placed them around the tables, and even put some of the tissue flowers in them. 

The entry table was my masterpiece! :) I had so much fun designing this, it was crazy. I bought mini margarita glasses, filled them with salsa and topped them off with a chip to dip. I lined them up on the table for guests to grab as they walked into the party. Next to the chips 'n dip, I placed a framed photo (I put photos of the couple around all the tables in the centerpieces and at the food buffet/bar tables too) of the happy couple, along with "N" and "R" letters. For the backdrop of the table, I made colorful pinwheels and polka dots to hang on the wall. Tissue tassels were strung along the edge of the table to complete the look. I was thrilled with the final product! So cute and fun :)

The party was a blast and I couldn't be happier for the beautiful couple! It was a great night to celebrate the love they have and to kick off the next year of wedding activities. Plus, I got asked to be a bridesmaid!!!! YAY! Soooo excited.


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