DIY Studded Shirt

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A trend that I have been loving recently is STUDS. There are endless options when it comes to studs; Studded shorts, sneakers, jackets, sweaters, bracelets, headbands and more.
I decided to take this trend and turn into a little DIY project, which turned out to be super easy. It was a great way to try this trend out because i could totally customize it to what I wanted, whether that was lots of studs, minimal studs, big ones, small ones, and even placement/design.

~ Shirt (I used a plaid shirt I purchased at Forever21)
~ Studs in whatever size and color you choose (I ordered 11mm gold pyramid studs from Amazon)
~ A butter knife to help fold back the prongs to secure the studs

First, plan out what design you want and where you are going to place your studs. 
Next, push the stud through the fabric. Be careful on this step as the prongs on the stud can be sharp when they poke through.

Then, take your butter knife (or anything else you want to use) and press down on each prong until they are pushed down as far as they will go.
Repeat this process on all remaining studs.

Here is the finished product! As you can see, I only did the pocket flap and added a few studs to the tips of the collar for some extra flare. 

Anyone else loving this trend for fall!?
Have fun and be as creative as you want with this quick and easy DIY project!


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