Closet Remodel

Thursday, November 15, 2012

We have small closets in our house which made it a serious challenge to fit all my clothes and shoes. Since we have a 2 bedroom AND because the closets in each room are so small, we decided to each take a closet, mine being the guest room closet (because that room has a vanity as well) and Evan's being in our room. I was able to fit all my clothes fine, most hanging with pants on one of the shelves. The problem? My shoes! I didn't have a place to keep my shoes besides in a big pile at the bottom of the closet. Huge mess!

So I decided that just wasn't going to work and had to come up with a solution to better organize everything and make it look clean (especially since my closet is in the guest room!). 

I switched some hanging bars around, added some shelves (from Home Depot) and VOILA!  Much more organized so now I can actually see all my shoes and start wearing more of them that have been hiding in the mess.

Hmm, I wonder what new pair of shoes would go well in my new organized closet!? Time to do some shopping..... Just kidding!..... Kinda ;)

Stay tuned for a post coming soon on another guest room DIY project I just finished! YAY!!!


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