Wednesday, July 30, 2014

**Photos by The Wonderland Group**
Maxi dresses.

I love 'em.... I'll just throw that one out there!

And this one, swoon! And for $25, double swoon..... I felt like I should put on a big floral crown and be sitting on a funky blanket next to an eclectic tee pee.... Hmm, photoshoot idea!? I think YES! 

OR like I should be wondering around the Greek Islands. :)...... my dream trip!

This little number was a super steal from this random little shop I found a few weeks back. And for $25 bucks, it was a no brainer. Similar versions of this dress are selling like hot cakes for close to $110 ( similar version found here). 

I personally like the $25 price tag better.... just saying! :)


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