Honeymoon: Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

^^ Temples outside of Bangkok. Everything was gold, I was in heaven!!

^^ We were showed around town by TukTuk. So much fun!

^^ Enjoying a cocktail at one of the many rooftop bars in the middle of Bangkok.


^^ Look at how massive that cat is!? I'm not gunna lie, it was a little scary!

^^ The little babies climbed on Evan like he was a jungle gym, so cute!

We went on our Honeymoon to the beautiful Thailand and Cambodia for 2 1/2 weeks. We saw some amazing sites, did a ton of incredible things, and saw so much culture all around.

Our first stop while we were there was Bangkok. It was...... crazy! The hustle and bustle of the city was like being in New York x10. We got out of the city a bit and explored so beautiful temples including the tallest standing Buddha and the famous reclining Buddha. Its amazing to see all the detail in these sites. Everything in each temple is so GRAND and beautiful with so much culture behind every bit of it. Tons of gold, which of course I LOVED  cause its my fav color. :)
We travelled from temple to temple by Tuktuk, a small motorized, open air cart that zooms through traffic! (The driving there was super scary btw!)

After a long day of exploring temples, eating some delicious Thai food, and riding around in the Tuktuk seeing the city, we decided to head to one of the famous rooftop bars. The view of the city from 70 floors up was incredible! We saw all the bright lights and even a lightening storm off in the distance as we sipped on our cocktails. Great way to end the day/evening!

Next up was the Tiger Temple outside of Bangkok. I know I keep saying everything was "amazing" or "incredible" but there are no other words to describe this adventure! The tigers were so majestic and huge! It was shocking to walk up to that big of an animal and pet it. Unreal! They were very sleepy when we were there because it was a million degrees, afternoon, and they had eaten just before they brought them out. 
It was so awesome to see how these big cats interact with the monks who take care and raise them. The monks play with them as if they were a puppy at your house, pushing their giant paws around, messing with their face and ears (in a very playful way), its crazy! And the tigers just lay with their heads in the monks lap and just hang out.
After we were done hanging with the big tigers (petting them, taking pics, walking them on the leash), we signed up to play with the babies. They were sooooo cute and very sleepy! Once they woke up and finally got some energy, they started making all kinds of noises, climbing all over my husband as if he were a jungle gym, and playing around. It was fun to play around with them. We also got to feed them, which was so so fun. They were just like a baby, laying in my arms, drinking the milk from a little bottle. So cute!

Bangkok was just the start of this amazing adventure we had but what a way to start!!!
Next stop: CHIANG MAI! 


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  1. How cool is THAT! Thanks for sharing. Looks like such an incredible trip, full of adventures. Looking forward to the next chapter! xo