Real vs. Steal: Gladiator Sandal

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ok people, are you loving the gladiator sandal trend that's happening right now!? YES please! I'm so glad that I held onto the tan gladiators that I bought a few years ago, Jeffery Campbell's... so cute!

But back to these babies.... I fell in love with these Stuart Weitzman sandals when I first saw them, you could say love at first sight. Ugh, then I saw the price..... Damn, of course they would be almost $400 (sad face). 

Oh but don't you worry! If $400 isn't your thing, I found pretty much the same exact beauties but for much much less from Alloy.... Try $49.50 on for size, feel better!? Yea, I think so too :)


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